Interested in racing the 2013 TMBRA race series?

Here’s a big change to the 2013 TMBRA race series that you need to know.

For 2013 TMBRA has combined the two separate spring and fall series into 1 MEGA-SERIES! It’s like a super race series spanning the entire year. With a break during the deadly summer heat of course.

What does this mean?

Well, it means two things.

First, It means you have a lot more opportunity to pick and choose which races you will participate in. Of the 14 races in the series, only 8 of them will count for points. This means that you get to “drop” 6 of them. So you can choose only to race the closest 8 races and the remaining 6 won’t count against you in the overall point totals.

Second, it means that you need to really plan ahead when you want your performance to peak. The spring series is long and has races just about every weekend from Feb 10th through May 19th. That’s a lot of racing. The fall portion is much shorter at only 4 races, but will be an easier segment to peak for since it’s really just 1 month.

My friends at Cadence Cyclery shared this handy chart for us DFW folks on the distances from Dallas Fort Worth to each race location. Then we marked up the furthest ones as drops. There are some seriously great trails in there marked as drops, so use your own discretion about which ones you do end up dropping.

2013 TMBRA Race Series

Feb 10 – Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville = 237 miles (DROP)
Feb 17 – Cameron Park, Waco = 98 miles
Feb 24 – Flat Rock Ranch, Comfort = 289 miles (DROP)
Mar 3 – Mellow Johnnies/Juan Pelota’s Ranch, Dripping Springs = 220 miles (DROP)
Mar 17 – Buck Creek Trail, Abilene = 184 miles
Mar 24 – Double Lake Trail, Coldspring = 209 (DROP)
Apr 7 – Solavaca Ranch, Glen Rose = 78 miles
Apr 21 – Pace Bend, Austin = 199 miles
May 5 – Big Cedar, Cedar Hill = 30 miles
May 19 – Bluff Creek Ranch, Warda = 208 miles
Sept 1 – Camp Eagle, Rocksprings = 331 (DROP)
Sep 15 – Huntsville State Park, Huntsville = 173 miles
Sept 29 – Lincoln Parish Park, Ruston Louisiana = 252 miles (DROP)
Oct 13 –Tyler State Park, Tyler = 95 miles

Total Series Travel = 2,423 miles
6 DROP Miles = 1,509 Miles
8 Race Travel Miles = 914 Miles