There is one tip above all others that is the best mountain bike tip I can offer.

The Best Mountain Bike Tip Is…

Keep your eyes on the trail.

There is plenty of scenery and beautiful surroundings to keep you distracted, especially right now in spring when flowers are blooming everywhere and fields are covered in bluebonnets. But do yourself a giant favor and keep your focus on what’s ahead.

Always look at the trail and obstacles ahead of you. Keep your eyes focused exactly where you are headed about 20 to 30 feet in front of you. You should be studying the terrain, watching out for rocks and roots that are coming up or low hanging branches. Don’t go flying around a turn while looking at somebody having a picnic or other riders.

If you don’t keep your eyes on the trail you will end up in a tree or a creek or just upside down. Time spent with your bike on top of you is a not a good time at all. Bicycling Magazine put together a list of 5 other tips for avoiding crashes.

The best mountain bike tip helps you to keep from crashing or falling in a creek

Keep your eyes on the trail to avoid this happening to you.

If you are riding behind a friend or another biker, try and keep an eye looking past them at the trail in front of them. This will help you to ride more safely as you follow. The last thing that you want is to run into the rider ahead of you because they braked for a turn or a climb and you weren’t paying attention. That is not how you win over friends and riding buddies.

So, this weekend as you go riding try to focus on keeping your eyes where they are supposed to be. Also be sure to stop by the Texas Mountain Bike Trails Facebook page, I would love to connect with you there and it is the best place to get any questions you have answered.