2014 Marin Rift Zone Review

One of the best deals you can find on a race quality bike…
Marin Rift Zone Review
Marin Bikes isn’t well known as one of the top tiers of bike manufacturers, but the more time I get to spend with their bikes, the more I love them.

This Marin Rift Zone is an amazingly affordable full-suspension bike that is made to rule the trail. Check out the specs and my full review below.

Specs from Marin’s Website

The bike that I rode was identical to what is listed above.
How It Rides
The Marin Rift Zone XC6 is a really amazing trail bike. Seemingly built […]

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Trail LED XXX Light Review


When it comes to lighting for mountain biking, I truly believe you can’t get any better than the lights from Trail LED.
A Little Light with BIG Light

Trail LED is a local Dallas company who has been making high performance LED trail lighting for several years. The current models, the XXX, DS, and Halo, are new designs that set themselves apart through innovative design and mounting systems.

I have received a demo model of the XXX twice now, once for a weeks time and then more recently for roughly the past month. In all I spent more time riding at night with […]

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More Info On Tubeless Ready and UST Tires


After the recent post on Tubeless, Tubeless Ready and UST Mountain Bike Tires one of our readers & local DFWSS racers Glen Bertagnoli sent me a message that contained some incredible info direct from one of the big tire manufacturers. The tire company wasn’t disclosed

Below is the full email response from the tire manufacturer about the difference between the tire standards.

UST is the original widely adopted tubeless system. Tires/Wheels that carry the UST logo are tested to make sure they meet certain criteria. One of these criteria is the shape of the bead, which is “squared” when compared to the […]

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Tubeless, Tubeless Ready & UST Mountain Bike Tires


I’ve been doing a ton of research the past 2-3 months on tires. You can check out the first in this series about mountain bike tire width and there will be a few more coming soon. Today this post is going to focus on the terminology hell that is tubeless standards. I hope you will appreciate having this info condensed into one place and not strewn across 10 websites.

Next time you stop in your local shop take a look at their selection of mountain bike tires and you’ll notice that there are about 10 different standards for all kinds of […]

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Great New Ways to Video Your Rides

If you enjoy capturing video of your rides, then there are some new cameras coming soon that you may want to check out.
Geonaute 360
Up until now, GoPro has pretty much owned the action video camera market, but a newcomer in the space may start challenging them for a little piece of the action (yes, pun intended).  A new 360-degree video camera by Geonaute was announced at CES back in January and is supposed to be available sometime this year.

I can’t say too much about the Geonaute until it actually hits the market, but I can share my first […]

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You Won’t Believe Why Bike Prices Keep Going Up!

It’s not often that I copy and paste over something from another site, but this is something that really stuck out to me and I think it’s a great question that we all have, “Why the $#@% does that bike cost $7,000!!” Check out the opinion below and chime in with your thoughts as a comment.

Originally published by Vernon Felton at BikeMag.com

// We get hate mail for a lot of reasons—a comma is out of place, one of us has a goatee, some of us have British accents… Apparently, there are a lot of reasons we suck. None gets […]

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Why I ditched the 29er for the 650b


By Jimmy Rodriguez: Cycling enthusiast. Planting pastor of Love City Church (Cedar Hill). Husband of Kaysie Rodriguez. Servant to all.


Like most of us, I was introduced to the lifestyle of mountain biking on an old, used, steel frame 26er that had seen better days. It wasn’t great, but it was better suited for the trails than the BMX bike I grew up racing on. Despite my lack of skill and apparently ancient equipment it was a blast because as many of you can attest, at first we didn’t care about the newest technology or Strava times. We just enjoyed […]

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Athlete Tracking for Everyone!


When training for any long distance race you spend hours on the road or trails away from those that care about you and want you to come home safely, so how can they keep an eye on you without actually being out there?

Well we are in luck, recently there has been a push for live tracking capabilities similar to those available during races from services like myathletelive.com. Garmins newest bike and run computers, Edge 510/810 and Forerunner 220/620 offer a great service through their iPhone app that I have been using to allow my friends and family to know I […]

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Kali Protectives, Chakra Helmet Review

The most valuable piece of equipment you can have when riding is a good helmet and today we’re looking at one of the very best on the market for under $50.
The Kali Chakra & Chakra Plus
I found out about Kali Protectives at Interbike 2013 as I was looking at several of the helmet manufacturers exhibit booths. Their bold style and tribal art feeling caught my eye and led me to talk with one of their reps. I hadn’t heard of Kali prior, but I was very impressed with the large line of helmets that they produced. Kali offered […]

Indoor Cycling 101

Why to do it, what equipment you need and  most imporantly  how to stay motivated while doing it.

Why You Need Indoor Cycling
Reason #1: Weather
No matter where you live, weather is not always on your side. In the northern states you are forced to stop mountain biking outdoors once the snow starts piling up.

Here in Texas we are blessed with unbelievable weather year round for riding. However, we still have plenty of rain and the occasional icemaggedon that prevents us from hitting the trails. During those times instead of sitting on the couch getting fat, jump on the indoor […]

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