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2014 Marin Rift Zone Review

One of the best deals you can find on a race quality bike…
Marin Rift Zone Review
Marin Bikes isn’t well known as one of the top tiers of bike manufacturers, but the more time I get to spend with their bikes, the more I love them.

This Marin Rift Zone is an amazingly affordable full-suspension bike that is made to rule the trail. Check out the specs and my full review below.

Specs from Marin’s Website

The bike that I rode was identical to what is listed above.
How It Rides
The Marin Rift Zone XC6 is a really amazing trail bike. Seemingly built […]

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27.5 Mountain Bikes: Are They Worth The Hype?

If you have been following the bike industry, you no-doubt have heard plenty of hype about the new (or old) 27.5 wheelsize. Unless you’re under a rock somewhere I would almost guarantee that you have.

But, is the hype worth it? Here’s my thoughts after riding roughly 8 different 27.5 bikes from 4 different brands, plus you definitely want to check out the great infographic from Singletracks.com.
27.5 Mountain Bikes
Many of you guys may recall that I have been pretty skeptical of the wheelsize, relegating it to an automatic second place in XC behind 29ers. I didn’t buy into the […]

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Pivot Les 27.5 Review

It’s been weeks now and I still dream about this bike…
Pivot Les 27.5 Carbon Review
Pivot Cycles, the bike brand known for the amazing full suspension designs started making the hardtail Les in 2012 in a 29er size. This year Pivot has adopted most of the key characteristics of the 29er version to the smaller wheelsize of the 27.5. Let’s just say that it is fan-freaking-tastic.

Specs from Pivot’s Website

The bike that I rode was identical to what is listed in the XT/XTR Pro spec from the Pivot Website.
How It Rides
The Pivot Les 27.5 Carbon is one of the best […]

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Pivot MACH 429 Carbon

Pivot MACH 429 Carbon Review
The Pivot MACH 429 Carbon is something pretty special on the trails. Pivot’s DW-link suspension technology keeps this bike feeling solid throughout the trail. More to come about that below.

This bike demo was performed at Erwin Park in McKinney Texas, my home trail which allows me to compare how the bike feels against what I am used to on my own bike. The bike tested was the Pivot MACH 429 Carbon with the XT build which is specced out below.

Spec’s from Pivot’s Website

The bike I demoed was the same as listed above except for […]

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Pivot MACH 6 Review

A 27.5 enduro bike in a cross country world.
Pivot MACH 6 Review
I got two opportunities to demo this new Pivot MACH 6, once at Interbike Demo Day and again at a demo day at my home trail of Erwin Park that Cadence Cyclery and Plano Cycling put together. The Pivot Mach 6 is a new 27.5 bike that is focused on the up and coming enduro discipline.

For those that don’t know what enduro is, it is essentially a cross pollination of downhill racing and cross country racing. The very unique format only times the downhill sections of the […]

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So You Like Suffering?

For those fellow nerds out there you may remember the Klingon mantra from Star Trek “Today is a good day to die”. November 23rd, will be an excellent day to suffer.

We have not one, but 2 excruciating 100k mountain bike races happening that day. One at the gorgeous and scenic Reveille Peak Ranch and the other at the ominous Sansom Park. These are both extremely difficult trails with lots of climbing and plenty of rocks. 66 miles on either one is a nearly super human feat.
The Reveille Peak 100k
The Reveille Peak 100k Mountain Bike Race will be heldย Nov. […]

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Yeti SB75 Review

Big Travel, Big Fun.
Yeti SB75 Review
Yeti Cycles makes legendary bikes that are beyond beloved by those that ride them, people known as “the Tribe”. The Yeti SB75 is the new 27.5 version of their insanely popular SB platform. The goldilocks bike between the SB66 (26″) and the SB95 (29″). The SB bikes feature their award winning “Switch Technology” which is said to make the bikes super efficient with great small bump compliance.

Spec’s From Yeti’s Website

The bike I rode at Interbike Dirt Demo was the same bike as specced above. The tires on the bike I demoed were a […]

Giant Anthem 27.5 0 Review

Short lived, but excellent.
Giant Anthem 27.5 0 Review
The Giant Anthem 27.5 is based off the same Anthem platform and Maestro suspension as former years 29er models. The 27.5 Anthem has less weight, a smaller, more agile wheelset and snappy handling. The Anthem 0 (zero) is the top of the line pro-grade bike. Full carbon and fancy bells and whistles throughout. Let’s take a look at specs.

The bike that I rode at Interbike Dirt Demo had a Schwalbe Thunder Burt on the front tire instead of the Racing Ralph. But that really wouldn’t change the ride experience.
How It Rides


Niner Jet 9 RDO Review

// How sweet this one is.
Niner Jet 9 RDO Review
The Niner Jet 9 RDO is one of the most coveted full suspension race bikes on the market. RDO means “Race Day Optimized”, and genuinely it is. The Jet 9 RDO is full carbon, specced with top of the line components and ready to rule any trail. Let’s take a look at the spec’s from the XT loadout of this awesome bike.

Specs from Niner’s Website

The bike that I rode at the Interbike Dirt Demo was very different from the one listed above. The ride I had was full Sram XO […]

Felt Edict Nine 1 Review

// Like butter.
Felt Edict Nine 1 Review
The Felt Edict Nine is the full suspension line of XC mountain bikes. It is powered by the FAST suspension platform, which is a cross country specific product that Felt has been developing for the last several years. Designed to be highly efficient and feather light. The Edict 1 is an impressive XC bike, among the most impressive I rode at the Dirt Demo. Let’s check specs

Specs From Felt’s Website

This is the exact bike that I demoed at the Interbike Dirt Demo. It’s dreamy. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
How It Rides
This bike was soooooo great. […]