Dallas Fort Worth is home to some massively excellent mountain bike trails so find your preferred dirt and shred it. The north Texas area trails are some of the most diverse in the state and cater to everyone from the beginner rider to the advanced and seasoned expert. If you are looking for a place to start riding, you’ve found the best place to look. This is the most informative list of Dallas bike trails online.

If your looking for beginner friendly trails, start out with L.B. Houston, Rowlett Creek Preserve, River Legacy Park or Squabble Creek.

For those looking for climbing, try Sansom Park, Big Cedar Wilderness Trails or Tyler State Park.

To see the best scenery on Dallas bike trails check out the Northshore Trail, Sansom Park and Big Cedar Wilderness Trails.


Check back from time to time as this list of Dallas bike trails is always growing. If you have a question about a specific trail or about mountain biking in general, please visit the Texas Mountain Bike Trails Facebook page and send a message with your question. We answer every message recieved and would love to help you. Also, you can leave a comment on most pages of the site, this is a great way to get in touch with us as we do read every comment.

Have a great and safe ride!