Looking for a great new bike shop that will not only take care of you but also your beloved bike?

In DFW we are blessed with 50+ bicycle shops across the metroplex. Use the shop finder below to find the bike shop that is closest to your home, work or favorite trail.

DFW Bike Shops

How To Choose A Bike Shop

Choosing the bike shop that is right for you is an important step in your cycling life.

Personally, I spent years floating around between multiple shops not really feeling “at-home” at any of them. Finally, a few years ago I found a dfw bike shop that really made me feel comfortable, they were building a community that I felt I fit in with well and quickly became friends with.

Here’s my top tips for finding a bike shop that you will absolutely love.

1. Make sure the bike shop culture fits

This isn’t just the employees, this is the culture and community that surrounds a bike shop. Who is on the shop team? Who leads their group rides? Who is a regular or just comes in to hang out?

These are important people that have a profound effect on the culture surrounding the bike shop. If you are looking for a race oriented shop then you will want to find other riders who also consider themselves competitive. If you just want a casual group to talk bikes with and enjoy a cold beverage or coffee, see if those kind of people hang out there.

There is no right answer for what kind of culture you will want, and it may change over time. When you find the right shop, it will just feel right.

2. Make sure the shop treats you well

This means that they pay attention to you, greet you and helping you find the right equipment for your riding style and budget. Don’t let them push you on the product that they get the highest markup on, that is a bad sign. Tell them clearly what your goals are and what you enjoy, they should help you fit those needs.

3. Be certain they are involved in the greater cycling community

Whether that is road, mountain, bmx, triathlon, or anything else. Be sure that they are heavily involved and supportive of the greater community. A great way to do this is to look at local events websites and see what shops have signed on as a sponsor for these things.

4. Do they pass the beer test

Are the people around the shop people who you would enjoy sitting down and drinking a beer with? If they aren’t, then it’s time to keep looking.

5. Don’t be too restricted by location and distance

Sometimes a shop won’t be the closest or even the second closest, but their culture and committment to the sport fits what you are looking for. Be willing to go a little further to find a bike shop that really meets what you are looking for because it will GREATLY increase your appreciation and enjoyment of the overall sport.

6. Never forget: A shop is about community, not bikes, equipment or gear

Bikes, equipment and gear can be bought anywhere, but a community that accepts you, helps you improve and helps you enjoy the sport is unique. This is the most important thing that you can remember when finding a bike shop. It’s about community, not bike parts.