Erwin Park Summer Series


Every Thursday Night at Erwin Park in McKinney

4300 County Road 1006
McKinney TX, 75071
Registration will be located at the intersection at the bottom of the hill.

$15 per rider
$20 for both races


Pre-Register Today! Only 50 entries available per week!
Cash Only on race day – No credit, debit or checks
Pre-register for a series and save $20!

No USAC license required – just come out and race!
Race on a new course each week with our rotating courses

3 Races | 6pm, 6:30pm & 7pm

6pm is a restricted race for first time racers and 12 under only. If you have ever participated in a mountain bike race prior to the Erwin Park Summer Series please sign up for the 6:30 or 7pm race.
6:30pm race is Cat 3/2 and beginner friendly. Includes 2 laps of the nights course.
7pm race is Cat 2/1 and includes 3 laps of that nights course

Registration opens at 5:30pm

6pm race = 1 lap
6:30pm race = 2 laps
7pm race = 3 or 4 laps depending on course


16 Weeks, 2 Great Series

The Erwin Park Summer Series will be two 8-week series in a best 6 of 8 format.

Series 1 runs from May 23 – July 11, 2013.

Series 2 runs from July 18 – September 5, 2013.

This series of races is an opportunity for our local DFW mountain bike community to compete, improve and enjoy the sport of mountain biking on a weekly basis. It is our goal to introduce mountain biking as a fun, healthy and safe recreational activity for teens as well as adults while providing a competitive and fun event to participate in.

If you would like to participate in both the 6pm and 7pm race on a given night then only the 7pm results will count toward series points.


  • All riders must wear helmets during race and warmup events.
  • Absolutely NO pre-riding on the course while a race is in progress. 2/3rds of the park is still open for warmup.
  • Race times and lengths are approximate and may vary slightly each week.
  • Any rider that wins 4 races during the 6pm race in Series 1 must either move to the 7pm race for series 2, or they may continue to race at 6pm without accruing points towards the 6pm overall results.


There are 4 courses that will be used for this series on a rotating schedule. The course to be used will be announced the monday preceding a race and is subject to change until the start of the race. You can view the different courses by clicking their links below.

Course-1Course-2 Course-3 Course-4-Coming-Soon


Points Series

Both 8 week series will be based on a best 6 weeks out of 8 competition. The rider with the most points from their 6 best races after 8 weeks will win the series. Series winners compete for merchandise and/or payout.

Point Accumulation will be awarded each week based on your finishing place according to the chart below.

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Parking is available at any marked parking spot within the park.

Please respect the trail, the facilities and the organizations that have made this possible by visiting our sponsors and doing business with them when possible.