It’s already been a month since Dean Nix made his journey up the NETT trail (Northeast Texas Trail), and I had the opportunity to sit down with Dean to find out more about what this ride was like.

Check out the video below where Dean tells us about the 270 mile out-and-back journey that goes from Farmersville to New Boston.


For those that may not have caught the last post and don’t know what was going on here is a quick description from Dean that he posted on his NETT Awareness Ride Facebook page.

“The Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) is a rail-to-trail program that is working to develop a trail system through 19 cities from Famersville to New Boston, 130 miles one way. The potential for eco-tourism relative to the trail is tremendous. The status of the trail is in various stages. Everywhere from pristine asphalt to granite to rail bed to completely overgrown. Some sections are currently impassable due to growth or adjacent landowner disputes over trail use. 

To bring attention to the NETT (and to have a little fun) I plan to ride the trail from end-to-end and back. This 260 mile ride has never been done but one day it will be commonplace. The plan is to complete the ride in three days from July 11-13. It will be a “Plastic” ride so I will buy food and lodging on the way. I will share posts about my preparation. I will post from city to city while on the trail. There will also be the ability for people to following me live via GPS Tracking. When done I will post more commentary and observations on the trip including the GPS track, restaurants, lodging etc. 

Please like this page, share it with friends and visit frequently as I share my preparation and details before during and after the ride.”

After the ride I caught up with Dean and we made the above video so that he could present it to the NETT Coalition, the 501c3 non-profit that has taken ownership of the trail and is working hard to create a wonderful place for Texas riders to escape on.

Here is the Spot GPS map that shows the exact path that Dean took from Farmersville through Paris and into New Boston.

Dean will be sharing his full story here on the Texas Mountain Bike Trails site over the next few days. Be sure to check back as he shares a new piece of the story!