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Yeti SB75 Review

Yeti Cycles makes legendary bikes that are beyond beloved by those that ride them, people known as “the Tribe”. The Yeti SB75 is the new 27.5 version of their insanely popular SB platform. The goldilocks bike between the SB66 (26″) and the SB95 (29″). The SB bikes feature their award winning “Switch Technology” which is said to make the bikes super efficient with great small bump compliance.

Spec’s From Yeti’s Website

FrameYeti SB75 custom butted aluminum tubes, Switch Technology suspension with 5 inches rear travel.
ForkFOX 34 140 KASHIMA 15
Rear ShockFOX CTD ADJUST (7.5”X2.0”)
Rear DerailleurSHIMANO XT 10SPD
Brake LeversSHIMANO XT
Crankset SHIMANO XT (24-38)
Bottom Bracket73MM SHELL

The bike I rode at Interbike Dirt Demo was the same bike as specced above. The tires on the bike I demoed were a Maxxis High Roller in the front and an Ardent in the rear.

How It Rides

To start off, I’ll say that I was and wasn’t expecting a lot from this bike… confusing?

First off, I was stoked to be riding a Yeti. I’ve always wanted to ride a yeti, I desperately wanted to get an SB95 several years back before I bought my Giant Anthem. So I was really excited to finally get a Yeti out for a good ride.

I also wasn’t expecting a lot from this bike because it’s far more of an All-Mountain bike than a cross country racer, of which I prefer. And let’s face it, the DFW area and most of Texas doesn’t really have a need for this much suspension.

All of that said… This bike is a ton of fun to ride. Yeti has done an amazing job in putting together a bike that excels at the rough, jagged and downhill. The company is based in Colorado and they take pride in being “decidedly not corporate” as their tagline goes. They revel in the culture that surrounds their bikes and the way they ride. Their booth was a strong reflection of that culture with a laidback vibe and a huge ice chest of beer sitting next to your feet.

When you hop on the SB75 you can immediately tell that its meant for the downhill sections. That’s not to say that it was a bad climber, it’s actually pretty great, especially on the rocky uphills. But, once the nose points downhill it’s gone. This thing just flies downhill.

On climbs and flat sections the switch technology in the rear suspension does a pretty good job controlling the travel. But there is still a lot more pedal sag than with any of the cross country intended race bikes I rode. Which was no surprise to me, 5 inches of travel is a lot to keep a handle on. Particularly on longer flat sections you could feel the bike bobbing up and down. This was the best climbing bike over one particularly rocky section, the rear travel kept the wheel firmly planted across the climb where all others had some degree of slipping while losing contact. That was incredibly impressive.

The Yeti SB75 was my favorite 27.5 bike that I rode. Unlike the Giant Anthem 27.5 0, Giant XTC 27.5, Giant Anthem 27.5 3 and Marin Team CXR Pro 27.5 the Yeti had more of a fun & twitchy handling style. I am assuming this was because the bike had an extra inch of travel and a slacker headtube angle that allowed it to carve into turns deeper than other bikes I rode. The whoops section and downhills were a blast to bomb through and try to soak up every inch of the travel.

Yeti SB75 Overall Thoughts

While it’s not a bike I would want to own and ride on a daily basis, it’s not because it isn’t a great bike. This bike rocks. It just doesn’t fit my riding style and is more similar to the Specialized Stumpjumper that was reviewed. For those into a more All-mountain style of riding this bike would be ideal. A fast climber, deep carver and an absolute bullet pointing downhill. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for that style of riding.

I definitely recommend you get to a local dealer or a Yeti demo in your area to test ride one for yourself because your ride may be massively different from mine. The Yeti SB75 is an amazing bike that really excels at a lot of things and is worth a ride just to find out how it feels. I make a big emphasis about riding style being my only negative about this bike because its true. Your riding style is likely to be very different from mine and you won’t know until you try it.